Quality management

Requirements on our companies were delisted air filter factory production of "manufacturing and product air filter," MNS ISO 5011 and "oil and liquid flow filter manufacturing and in the production in accordance with the requirements" MNS ISO 3877-2 standards and requirements on products and production for each of the main stages on committed staff responsible for monitoring quality control.



Our factory operates according to detailed rules in the safety of operations on a daily basis and working conditions of the general requirement MNS 5002 secure voice shugiany: 2000, MNS4990 safety and health products: 2000, Workplace lighting MNS4996: 2000 standard for all meet the requirements.


Is also one of the main factors directly affect the quality of our products is a quality of primary and secondary raw materials. We use the basic raw material of filter paper material Germany's HV brands and US 3N brand paper imports used in production, and air leakage filter paper on licensing around 30 to produce in accordance with the technical requirements of the air filter.



The main raw material khyanaltysh put on a filter paper, we YG461E differential air permeability testing machine and check pressure. This machine with the international ISO 9237: 1995Textiles - Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air, the German DIN 53887-1986. Testing of textiles; determination of Air permyeability complying with the standards of textile fabrics level check for air leakage of material.







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