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National manufacturer of "Alpha filters" LLC was founded in 2011, and the current of air, oil and fuel, in addition to trafficking regularly produces 150 types of products consisting of hydraulic filters, mining, food processing equipment, air filter and oil and gas separators, filters, such as users order was produced according to the standards


announced in 2014 to replace import from Mu's government and the Export Promotion 888 projects selected our company "plant and expand capacity is named" project to increase the capacity and 3 times enhance innovation in extension work was carried out capacity production quality control system, production.


We may be required for 2014 production innovation within the industry and the quality of air filter for the delivery of products on international level "ISO 5011: 2014", an international standard requirements for quality, fuel, oil or liquid flow filtration industry and "ISO 2942 : 2004 ", an international standards Science and Technology of the Mechanical Transport university professor with batgtai 1: 1 grade nevrüüleed as a national standard, translation and production. We are committed to vision of a Mongolian brand known to be competitive ranks of leaders and industry in Russia and the world.














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