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         First of all, be with us and thanked close to all help to develop our products and services, consumer organizations, individual demjideg you. The success of our organization is an "alpha filters" LLC is total with the EU that is known for his tireless work should suit our customer needs. We are progressing constantly listening to customers and grow together. We also aim to do more for our customers, better quality, and all of you will aim to go head increase development sector to meet the needs of future growth ranks. It is my very favorable, we are paying special attention to supply the growing demand, improve product quality, increase in customer satisfaction. Our company mission is to increase the number and types of continuous delivery of products, from its establishment in 2013, and product quality level to ensure international standards and the ongoing process adopted for all standards and verification tests. Therefore indicate that we are always grateful for assistance with your support for a lovely and you promise to fulfill always exceeded all expectations. 


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Executive director:          Kherlenbaatar Adiya


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